Soccer Legionnaires

Athletic de Bilbao Super Cup Champion.

soccer-legionnaires-barcelona-athleticbilbao AP Images

The Giant has fallen. Athletic de Bilbao win their first trophy in 31 years, they defeat Barcelona in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup. The final score was 1-1, but 5-1 on aggregate. Messi scored, but after Pique received a red card the game and the chance for Barcelona to win six trophies in one calendar year dissappeared. Aduriz Zubeldia made sure of it by scoring the away goal for Athletic de Bilbao that sealed the game without a doubt.

The feat that Pep Guardiola had accomplished in his tenure as coach for Barcelona by winning six trophines in one calendar year would not be repeated this year. Barcelona may yet win a fifth, but a sixth is out of the question.

Huge amounts of credit have to be handed to Athletic de Bilbao for playing their game, and playing it well. They did not try to change their game or style to fit Barcelona’s they remained true to themselves while finding some of Barcelona’s weakness and pouncing on them.

These two teams will meet again soon as they have to face eachother for the first game of La Liga, but somehow that result, regardless of what it is, just doesn’t seem that important anymore.



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