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Barcelona loses in La Liga

Barcelona suffers first loss in La Liga. They were upset by Celta de Vigo 4-1. From start to finish the day was all Celta’s. They moved the ball the best, the had several attacking chances, and scored goals, plenty of them.

This loss gives Real Madrid a slight lead in the table having won their league match, and gives Barcelona some questions that need to be answered, like should Lionel Messi play every game? Should he play the whole game?

It was obvious that Lionel Messi did not seem at full strength, dragging, almost tired. He is not a player that easily comes off the field, but with results like this one, should he? Is it time to give him rest sometimes? This could profit him, in the long run, and Barcelona in the short term. Chances are he won’t be given any significant rest time during the season, which bodes bad for him and Barcelona. He is only getting older, and will show more and more effects of being drained.



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