Soccer Legionnaires

Big day looming ahead for Liga MX.


After tying 0-0 with River Plate in Monterrey, Mexico, Tigres must return to Argentina to finish the second leg and a chance at the Copa Libertadores title. This is for sure the biggest game in Tigres history and arguably the biggest game in Liga MX history along with the other teams who have reached the final of Copa Libertadores like Cruz Azul and Chivas in that order.

This would do a lot for Liga MX who battles for continental prestige with not only South American team’s but now the MLS who seem like they have bomb signings every other week and seem to be getting closer to Liga MX if not in quality at least in marketing power and strength.

The Copa Libertadores will be decided Wednesday August 5th. If Tigres win this would be a blow to CONMEBOL and the South American teams who allow Mexican teams only as invites to the tournament, and it would remind the MLS that Liga MX is still a force to be reckoned with, and if they want to grow and be recognized they need to start winning continental tournaments.



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