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Canada booted out of Gold Cup again

Aaron Vincent Elkaim/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Another day of Gold Cup saw El Salvador and Canada exit from the Gold Cup early. Jamaica who has been playing well defeated El Salvador by the minimum to advance to the next round as a leader of the group.

Costa Rica struggled again, but managed to draw at zeros with Canada who leave the Gold Cup in group stage again. Canada must go back to the drawing board and see what changes need to be made. One single goal would have seen them advance to the next round, and considering they played at home, in Toronto vs Costa Rica, that was not too much to ask for.

Costa Rica has the next round to look forward too, but they too should go to the drawing board and try and find the team that once was. They have not been able to find their form, and have looked uncomfortable on the pitch regardless of oppenent.

Gold Cup surprises continue and make for an exciting quarter finals to look forward to.



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