Soccer Legionnaires

Chicharito hot streake

soccer-legionnaires-Chicharito Ina Fassbender/Reuters

Approaching mid-season Javier Hernandez currently stands as the top goal scorer for his team (In Champions and league), and if you add goals for country Chicharito has currently scored fifteen goals this season. What a far cry from where he stood this summer.

Having been denied a full contract on Real Madrid Chicharito returned to his “home” team, Manchester United. This would be the last time he would go back. Without any real confidence from Louis Van Gaal, Chicharito took the back door out to the Bundesliga.

In Bayer Leverkusen he has found a home. Truth must be told he still misses a lot of “easy” goals in front of net as he did before but the secret behind the many goals he does score is, patience. Bayer Leverkusen have given him patience that neither Real Madrid nor Manchester gave him.

For a player like Javier Hernandez that patience is essential. That patience means a team would give him a chance to miss a few easy ones a game knowing that he would score at least one if not two that very same game. Teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United don’t have that kind of patience. You miss a couple easy ones and you find yourself on the bench for a few games. Time and trust is Javier’s greatest ally right now, and as long as he keeps scoring, Bayer Leverkusen have a lot of it to offer to him.



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