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David De Gea to Real Madrid.


According to Marca, Real Madrid has agreed to a fee somewhere between 30 and 35 Euros that would bring David De Gea to Spain as well as send Costa Rican Keylor Navas to Manchester United. Real Madrid had been eyeing there prize for some time, and if Van Gaal not playing David De Gea at all this season was any indication that a move was immenent, today was only the conformation.

Keylor Navas on the other hand has played in the few games Real Madrid has had this season, and he has looked good doing it. The move to the English side might be a good thing for him considering Man U’s recent acquisition and current keeper, the Argentine Romero, has struggled so far with his new team. This could mean permanent minutes for Keylor, some that he would surely not have had if he had stayed even after De Gea’s arrival.

This is one trade that might prove to be good for everyone involved.


It’s being reported that the transaction paper work did not make it to La Liga in time for the deadline rendering the deal unfinished, which means both De Gea and Keylor Navas must remain with their current clubs. The Premier League has been known to extend deadlines for some clubs when needed, but La Liga is not as prone to allow these extensions.



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