Soccer Legionnaires

Diego Reyes and Hector Herrera shine.

The Mexican Legionnaires Hector Herrera and Diego Reyes had great games for their respective teams, Porto and Real Sociedad. Diego Reyes who has recently joined his international teamate Carlos Vela at Real Sociedad played a flawless game against Sporting de Gijon. He was tested several times on the flanks and responded as a veteran would, with class, determination, and a cool head. His teammate, Mexican striker Carlos Vela played a good game, but when the score ends 0-0 you could say he could have done more, since alot of the offense, ball movement, and scoring on Real Sociedad goes though his feet.

Hector Herrera again put in a great performance for his team Porto. Rarely losing the ball he imposed his will in the midfield connecting several dangerous passes, and taking a few shots of his own. Mexican fans must be excited to see Herrera play alongside Porto’s new acquistion, Tecatito Corona, also a teammate on the Mexican national team known for his speed and ability to move around defenses one on one without losing the ball.



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