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Highs and lows for Hector Moreno

After his midweek Champions League leg breake on Manchester United Luke Shaw, Hector Moreno repeated his feat. This time the victim was Oussama Tannane, the Morracan, Holland U-21, Heracles player. To be fair, none of the plays seem vicous or predetermined, they just seem foolish. On both plays he seemed to come in really hard in a 50/50 play where he was slightly late, which in soccer terms as a defender means serious fouls or injuries.

During his midweek Champions League Performance against Manchester United he actually got awarded the Man of The Match from UEFA. It’s not his incredible defensive skills that are in question, its perhaps his timing, and poor decesion making when it comes to fighting for a disputed ball. This could be bad for the mental aspect of his game.

To injure two people in a matter of a week could haunt anybody, especially a defender who constantly has to face oppenents and more often than not use his body to do it. He might sightly change his defensive style which, let’s face it, got him to where he is today, in a top team in a top league in Europe. One thing is for sure, Hector Moreno will have to find a good clean balance on defense that allows him to be “him” as a defender, while avoiding bookings or injuries.



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