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Klinsman’s poor results…

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After the USMNT lost a heartbreaker to Mexico in a 3-2 Confedartion Cup playoff, followed by a 1-0 loss to Costa Rica in a friendly, questions must be asked. More importantly one big question should be answered by the US Soccer federation, should Jurgen Klinsmann keep his job.

Since weeks have passed since the gut checking loss to Mexico and Klinsmann is still in office, it’s safe to say that Klinsmann is staying (for now), but should he? When Klinsmann arrived he promised he would change US soccer from top to bottom, and most beleived him, certainly the US Soccer federation did since not only did they make him head coach of the USMNT, but gave him the title of sports technical director of all levels of U.S. soccer. He promised the game would look different than his predecessors, but has he delivered. What could be the measurement on how or if he has delivered.

For one we could look at what the U.S. had accomplished before his arrival. Before he arrived the U.S. soccer had managed to earn a reputation of winning close games, being gritty, and in their own way maintained an effective style of efficient counter attacking. They managed to beat Mexico more convincingly (In official games). They had a certain domination of other teams in the CONCACAF including Costa Rica and certainly, with all due respect, the other teams like Panama or Jamaica. They competed well on the world stage and could hang in there with the likes of Spain and Brazil as was shown in the 2009 Confederations Cup with a victory over Spain, and a close game against Brazil in the final. What has changed?

Since then the U.S. has lost their identity. Even in the last World Cup, most teams looked more fluid, possessed the ball more, and attacked at will. If one identitiy could be pinned on this U.S. team is that they push their lines back and hope for a a counter attack when before they used to create their counter attacks.

Since then they lost to Mexico convincingly, something that hadn’t happened the Gold Cup final loss in 2011, and even then the U.S. looked strong for one half. During their last game against Mexcio they did not look strong or even good for even a five minute span.

Since then, outside of Mexico, it seems that other CONCACAF teams have made some strides to close the gap between them and the U.S. During last summers Gold Cup, Jamaica defeated the U.S. to send them out in the Semi’s, and Panama dispatched them out on penalty kicks in the third place match. It would seem that instead of growth from the USMNT and their soccer, they slighlty took a step back while others in the area didn’t stop growing.

In their last six games the U.S. has lost to Costa Rica (1-0), Mexico (3-2, Confederations playoff), Brazil (4-1), Jamaica (Gold Cup Semifinals), and Panama (Gold Cup third place match). In short the USMNT team performances can simply be described as, ugly. And when anybody does an ugly job at their job what usually happens? They get fired. So why is Jurgen Klinsmann keeping his job?

That’s a good question, and at this point I’m not too sure anyone outside of the US soccer federation could answer it.

To summarize the US’ last few performances, it could be described simply as, ugly. It’s not the results that have been ugly, although losing is never pretty, and one 4-1



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