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Mexico defeat Costa Rica

Mexico outplayed Costa Rica for 120 minutes. They controlled the pace of the game, had more shots on goal (or off goal), and constantly were moving forward. So why are so many people angry and yesterday’s Mexico’s 1-0 win over Costa Rica.

The reason is although most would agree that Mexico was the fair winner, they would disagree with the manner in which it happened. In compensation time of the second extra time, the referee awarded Mexico with a penalty kick that clearly looked non-existent. In the dying seconds of the game, right before the penalty shoot out, Mexico kicked in a ball from the out side hoping to reach Oribe Peralta’s head at the end of it. Peralta jumped, got touched lightly in the back from behind from the defender and he flung himself on the ground. The referee bought the dramatic fall and awarded the p.k. that Andres Guardado buried into the back of the net.

Mexico was the better team, perhaps the fair winner, but most would have liked to see this game decided in penalty kicks.

Either way Mexico move on to the semifinals where they will face Panama for a rematch of last Gold Cup’s semifinals.



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