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Mexico loses players for U.S. match

Nearing such a key match against the U.S. for a Confedarations Cup ticket, Mexico keeps losing key players to injury. The two latest to go down are Adres Guardado for an ankly injury (Weeks to recover) and Rafa Marquez (Still unknown, but probable miss). Both players are essential in El Tri’s current team under Tuca Ferreti.

Andres Guardado has been used as a midfield attacker who moves the ball through the middle field, joins in the attack, and also helps on defense. His ball movement and presence in attack is something the Mexican soccer team will surely miss.

With the lack of great defenders, and youth playing a factor in some prospects, Mexico continues to search for a central defender to replace Rafa Marquez. In the meantime, Rafa Marquez will have to do, as was the case with the past friendly against Argentina where he was by far the best defender and left the field with Mexico up on the scoreboard only to watch it dissappear when he did. With his current injury, the Mexican side will rely on Diego Reyes and Hector Moreno who is currently fighting some of his own demons as he has seriously injured to players in the matter of a week on his club team PSV. Nonetheless, with or wihtout these players, El Tri must find a way if they wish to defeat the U.S. on their own soil.



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