Soccer Legionnaires

Tecatito scores again.


Porto FC was only able to tie Moreirense 2-2 but it was a great day for Jesus “Tecatito” Corona and Mexicans in general, especially playing in Porto.

It’s not always easy to find playing time in Europe, especially when you come from the America’s. Now if you’re talking about North America or the CONCACAF in general and those opportunities get even slimmer. Now imagine how significant it was for the Mexican Legionnaires in Portugal when Porto FC started three Mexicans, Hector Herrera, Miguel Layun, and Tecatito Corona for the first time in their history. The joke goes that Porto FC have more Mexicans starting then some Liga MX teams have in Mexico.

One Legionnaire had a better day than the rest, Tecatito Corona. For a long time rumors have disspelled that big teams in Europe have been following Corona closely. Watching how he scored on Friday, it’s easy to see why. He has absolute control of the ball under all sorts of pressure, his touch is clinical, and his finish is educated, and most impressive of all, he’s doing it under the soccer tender age of 22. This bodes well for him, and the future of El Tri, not ignoring the immediate future when Mexico will face the U.S.A. on October 10th in Pasadena, California.



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