Soccer Legionnaires

Tim Howard records 127th shutout.

soccer-legionnaires-everton-southhampton Getty Images

Everton defeat South Hampton 3-0 as Tim Howard earns himself his 127th shutout in the Premier League. This isn’t an easy feat to accomplish for anybody in the English league, especially an American export who struggled in his early days with Manchester United.

He has come a long way from those days. He has managed to keep his game simple but effective. He put all his past and pressures behind him. He is a full blown professional who has managed to succeed in a league that is not easy for exports to succeed in.

Tim Howard recently stated he is ready to come back to the national team after his hiatus for personal reasons. This should add some strength and stability to a shaky defense that is in dire need of such. Whatever the future brings for Tim Howard, we know that his present and past speak for themselves regardless of what comes next for him.



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