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U.S. fail vs Brazil

Lackluster performance by the U.S. seen them get kicked to the floor in a 4-1 loss to Brazil. If it wasn’t for a wonderful goal from Danny Williams there would be nothing from the U.S. to speak of in this game. It was all Brazil from minute one till the final whistle thankfully stopped a mediocre effort produced on the pitch by the American side.

Hulk and Neymar made it look easy scoring nice goals that looked even easier with the poor effort produced by the U.S. team on defense, if effort could be what it could be called. Again Klinsman moved pieces around, experimented in a game where it seemed his first team should have gotten all the reps. This effort deflates the previous positive American effort against Peru only a few days away, which now seems long ago with how different and how quick this team seems to morph.

What’s left now for the American team only seems to be more questions than answers, which is far from recommended since the one game playoff match vs Mexico awaits only a month away.



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